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A little more about ReadyPutt, our founder, and the Indie Golf effort......

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An opportunity to share a blog with McNally22 Golf: 

If you asked me if 20 years ago if I would be venturing into the golf business I would’ve laughed. Why? I didn’t play golf nor did I have much interest. Golf wasn’t popular when I was a kid and I stuck to sports like football, basketball, and baseball. But, like most people in the late 90s I got caught up in the Tiger Woods phenomenon and fell in love with golf. Now I can’t get enough of the sport. I am no different than majority of the golfers out there every weekend. I have a day job, the weekend is the only time I get to play, and I dream of a single digit handicap. I can hit the ball left and right (but never on purpose) and look forward to the 19th hole hanging with my friends. However, I am unique because of a putter cover I invented called ReadyPutt.

What is ReadyPutt? It’s the result of me spitting on my golf ball and wiping it on my pants thinking, “there must be a better way to clean my ball.” So I reinvented the putter cover adding a water retaining ball cleaner and a magnetic surface to affix a divot repair tool and ball marker. It has everything you need to prepare your putt simply by grabbing your putter. My golf buddies loved the idea and thought I was on to something and so I decided: “Why not? I am going to take a chance on this…..and ReadyPutt was born.”

So… what did I get myself into? I had no idea what it was going to take to launch a product successfully. I learned quickly that the golf business is a tough market to break into. Not having any brand recognition, relationships with golf reps, or big money for a sales force or advertising I quickly found that I had an uphill battle to fight to get ReadyPutt to the masses. But through social media I learned there was an Indie Golf movement. Guys like me trying to bring a product to market. Guys like me working out of their garages and taking a risk to pursue an idea and share it with other golfers to enhance some aspect of the sport we all love. If it wasn’t for Indie Golf you wouldn’t be reading about this now as we all know Herb is a big part of making this movement a reality. I appreciate the time you spent learning a little more about me, a little about ReadyPutt, and supporting the Indie Golf movement. I look forward to sharing more stories about me and our ReadyPutt endeavors.

-Jeff Low – Owner of ReadyPutt Putter Covers