About Us


Jeff Low, President: As an avid golfer Jeff wanted to simplify the experience that every golfer encounters when arriving at the green. There are four things that are required when getting to the green: Putter, Ball Cleaner, Divot Repair Tool, and Ball Marker. The golfer needs to focus on the putt not the list of things they need to grab from their golf bag.

Considering the golfer always bring their putter to the green Jeff found that the logical solution was to enhance the technology of a putter cover so that the golfer would have access to a Ball Cleaner, divot repair, and ball marker every time they grabbed their putter from their bag. So the ReadyPutt™ was born.

Jim Wilkinson, PGA: As a former PGA Champions Tour player and current golf instructor Jim has received several accolades throughout his career. To name a few accolades such as the winner of two PGA events, Pacific Northwest Senior Player of the Year honors, and recognized 5 times at the top of the list of teaching pros in the Pacific Northwest Jim brings a packed resume of golf experience.

His insight of the golf industry has helped launch ReadyPutt™ through product development and testing cycles to the product that is brought to you today. Still serving as a teacher to the game of golf, Jim can be found in Indian Wells, CA decreasing handicaps during the winter months and in the Pacific Northwest in the summers. His advice and tips are also found on ReadyPutt™ Facebook and Twitter feeds.