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Have a Happy and Safe Fourth!!!!

Desert Golf

A pic of #11 (Par 3) at Terravita in Scottsdale, AZ.  The Boulders golf club in the background (across the street).  Golf in the Phoenix area is a great golf destination.  Unique scenery, wildlife, and world class golf and amenities.    

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Summer is Here!

Don't miss putts because of a DIRTY BALL!  Clean your ball before you putt.  It's the easiest way to ensure your ball rolls accurately and to the bottom of the cup.  

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The True Value Of A Putter Cover

A golfer's putter is one of the most important — and often most expensive — pieces of equipment in the golf bag. By volume of strokes, no other club gets used as often. So it stands to reason that taking care of such a valuable tool should be a priority.The same can be said, to [...]

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Revolutionary Putter Cover With A Ball Cleaner

Nearly every golfer knows the importance of having a clean ball, especially on the green. Despite having that knowledge, most golfers still don't bring anything with them, be it a towel, pocket golf ball cleaner, or any other item, when they get out of the cart to putt. Those of us at ReadyPutt decided to [...]

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Happy Spring!

The first day of Spring!  Golf is here!!!!

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Spring is in the air!

Check out our "Friends of ReadyPutt" page and see some great sources for your golfing needs.  

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Golf Tips?

Have you checked out all of the lessons on our Videos page?  We have several golf tips available from Jim Wilkinson PGA!

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Looking to interact with more golfers?  Check out @realGolfchat A great place to interact weekly online with golfers across the world.  Learn about what everyday golfers are doing and thinking about.  Tips, industry knowledge, and just having fun.  It's every Tuesday at 5PM PST.  

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Resolution for 2017?

Here's a resolution for 2017:  Putt with a clean ball and save strokes!  Let ReadyPutt help.  And with 50% off this weekend you will also be saving money!

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