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Golf Books

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One of our personal favorite golf books is "The Five Fundamentals of Modern Golf" by Ben Hogan.  What is yours?

Pay it forward!

Buy your foursome a ReadyPutt.  They will not only thank you for the gift but for the convenience you will bring to their game.  Why wouldn't you want to bring a ball cleaner with you every time you go to the green?  Grab your putter and you are all set!

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Holder Golf

Trouble putting?  Take a different approach.  Check out the Holder putter:

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Before you tee off this weekend, remember the real reason why it is a 3-Day Weekend.

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If you live in Denver....

ReadyPutt is now available at Lenny's Ski and Golf.  Stop in and see ReadyPutt in person!

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BIGGS Golf Talk

Take a listen to one of the best Golf Podcasts out there.  Biggs Golf Talk.  A great way to find out about current golf topics and indie golf!

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Thank You

We just want to thank all of the golfers that have adopted ReadyPutt and made our putter covers part of their routine.  Your feedback inspires us and are glad that you have also realized the convenience of our product.  CLEAN IT. SINK IT.

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Goals for this Golf Season

Putting with a clean ball is one of our goals to spread across the game of golf.  It's a rule that more golfers need to take advantage of.  When golf ball manufacturers engineer a ball they not only consider the flight but also their consistency in the way they roll.  An article written about Nike's [...]

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Spring is here!

Are you ready for spring?  Time to dust off the club and pack up the winter clothes. Spring is here!This year make it a goal to clean your ball before you putt.  Make sure that you have a clean ball and shed some strokes off that score card.  Only a clean ball rolls accurately.  Why [...]

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Thank You Denver!

We had a great time meeting, interacting, and introducing ReadyPutt to all of you who attended the Denver Golf Expo.  Appreciate everyone's passion for the game and your efforts to grow the game.  What a great golf city and thank you for having us!  

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