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Golf Podcast

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Take a listen to BiGGs Golf Talk.  Weekly Podcast all about golf.  Here's the latest episode:  

Have a great weekend!

Wishing everyone LOW SCORES this weekend.  Be safe and have fun out on the course!

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Independent Product Review about ReadyPutt

Sharing a product review about ReadyPutt.  So great to see positive feedback about our product.

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Bend Oregon

Thanks to a loyal ReadyPutt user for sending us this picture from Bend Oregon.  Beautiful back drop!

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ReadyPutt Security System

Sure, ReadyPutt offers the convenience of a water retaining ball cleaner and a magnetic surface....but a SECURITY SYSTEM?We were recently told by a golfer that he loves his ReadyPutt because of the aforementioned qualities but additionally no one knows he has a $400 putter in his bag.  He said he had two [enter famous putter [...]

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We now have Replacement Ball Cleaners for Blade MidMallet Models

When it comes time to replace the ball cleaner for your Blade/Mid-Mallet cover we've got the replacement ball cleaner in your color available.  Just Click Here to go to the Tri-Layer Ball Cleaner Page

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Great times watching The Open in the morning!

How many of you are setting your alarm to watch The Open in real time and not tape delay?

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Doing our best to be Philanthropic.

You've seen on our Home Page we are doing our best to raise money for Heather.  Here's her story:In 2013, Heather Carlock underwent surgery to have her large intestine removed, and after the surgery, she experienced multiple small bowel obstructions.The following year, she suffered a volvulus, a condition in which her small intestine was twisted, [...]

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Chipping Drill, Jim Wilkinson, PGA

1. Make sure that you are centered over the ball.2. Let your right knee chase you.

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What's in a name?

Where did the name ReadyPutt come from?  ReadyPutt is a play on Ready Golf.  When in the development stages of this new Putter Cover concept we realized that the convenience of having a golf ball cleaner, divot repair tool, and ball marker with you really made it quicker to prepare your putt......which accelerated the pace [...]

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